I spent much of the past couple of days trying to figure out where my time would best be spent on Thursday- at the Extreme Makeover house or the Obama Rally for Change at MSU? 

One too many cool choices. I vetoed navigating a high-wattage crowd of more than 16,000 eager fans who had waited in line for hours to be part of political history, and opted instead to take more photos at the Extreme house, an event that will probably never happen in this town again. 
Plus, I had a media pass for that one! Then my husband came home from a business trip with a photo for me that he had taken of Obama’s plane at the airport, already parked when he landed.

Right place. Right time. No media pass. Go figure.

So here it is, as close as I got to being part of the Obama rally, except for fighting all that extra traffic and security in town. But I’m still happy I chose the house because I got some great photos of a smiling Michael Moloney.  I even caught Paige Hemmis (think Pink!). (See my next post).
Whew!  I am exhausted from all this excitement….and behind on all my other work! But it will all be over soon and it has been great fun for one terrific cause. Everyone who helped make it this amazing house happen should be incredibly proud. 
To the rest of you, as Rib Hillis likes to say, “Make a Difference-Today!”
For more on the Democratic presidential hopeful, visit: www.BarackObama.com
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