This past year, I lost my twin sister and remaining sibling, had to put my beloved dog, Jack, to sleep and wondered if I’d ever really be truly productive creatively or happy again.

The sense of loss and pain was that deep, unlike anything I had felt since my son died in 2003.

I was taking time for my grief, but I’ve always used my creative talent and words to move forward when life deals me big blows. It is how I heal and survive, hopefully while giving back to others.

So instead of hiding out and going silent, I used that grief and energy to accomplish new goals, some on my life list for a long time.

I got a wonderful new agent for my children’s book (now being shopped), began work at long last on my memoir that celebrates both my adventures with Jack and my son, managed to get big funding for our incredible upcoming documentary Camp RicStar, now in the editing stage, managed to avoid getting Covid (so far) & welcomed my third adorable grandchild. I will be published in Traverse magazine in the August magazine and online (longtime goal), got published three times in Bella Grace magazine and its sister publications, and celebrated the 20th year of RicStar’s Camp.

My goal is sharing this today is first and foremost to chronicle it for myself for further fuel and motivation on new projects & to see how far I’ve come (I am nothing if not a survivor and I still laugh often), and to help you see what you might be able to do in your own life, especially when trying to get back up from life’s biggest blows and a serious lack of motivation.

That’s something I had to address again myself this year. Never easy.

I hope my sharing this update today does that for you.

I wish you a week of magic moments and hope you remember to celebrate all the simple joys in your life, too. I’m getting better at that myself.

Lots of work remains, especially in light of the recent SCOTUS decisions. I’ll be on that front, too.

Working to fight injustice is just who I am.

I hope you join me.

Thank you, big universe, for all the healing.

Monday gratitude.

What helps get you out of bed on the toughest days?