In addition to being Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 19th, is also the first National Day of Service. Soon-to-be First Lady, Michelle Obama, has put out the call for Americans to help “renew American together, one community at a time.”

As someone who believes strongly in the power of one individual to impact big change, and someone committed to on-going volunteerism, I urge you to do your part.  It doesn’t have to be something grand. Give to your local food band, serve others in your local soup kitchen, take time for conversation with someone who is lonely or sick, mentor a child, deliver clothing and blankets to those in need, giving a smile first to a stranger, forgo the morning latte for a month and donate the money to charities in need. Call your mother.  There are so many ways to positively impact your community and the lives of those around you. Please, do your part.  It will take a village to turn this country around. 
Don’t be one of those people who just spouts about how bad things are. Help change them.
To find out more about the Renew America Together initiative and how to connect in your own community  click here:
Change is just around the corner…
Photo: ©Eric Thayer 2008/All rights reserved– one of my fav photographers and a friend of my daughter’s, both grads of Brooks Institute of Photography. Photo used with permission. Check out Eric’s photos and those of other talented photogs from the 2008 campaign trail at: thestumpinggrounds. See more of Eric Thayer’s work at: