I admit that when summer comes, I’m all in on Birkenstocks.

I love the comfort, the modern style and the colors available.

I like having my feet feel almost naked and cool (in more ways than one).

I feel like I can never have too many Birkies.

But the price has become a little cost prohibitive to own them all.


I do love the ones I have.

You can dress ’em up and dress ’em down, and they work for most, if not all, outings.

Having expressed my love for Birkenstocks, I have to admit that I recently cheated on them with a new pair of metallic UGGs.

That’s right.

UGG sandals.

In silver.

Thought they were a new Birkie style when I first saw them online.

I had feeling they would sell out fast.

So, I broke with shoe tradition and ordered them.

I’m so in love.

Not only do I like a little bit of reasonable height these days with a nice platform look.

But I love the silver.

I love silver jewelry, too. The two are a match made in fashion heaven.

What I love most besides the color and style and affordable price, is how comfortable these UGGs are!

Sorry Birkies.

I still love you.

A lot.

But I’ve got a new footwear friend on repeat right now.

A new Sassy Fashionista footwear fix.

In silver.

Change is good, right?

Fortunately, I’ve got room in my closet for both brands.

What’s your current go-to footwear for comfort AND fashion?

Note: As always, this is my own fashion rant.