As I scrolled through social networking yesterday and saw all the many posts and photos dedicated to Memorial Day 2022, with all the tributes and aging faces and salutes to those that have long since passed on, and even those familiar and predictable small-town parades and gun salutes, one question was first on my mind.

Do we still get it?

The meaning?

The sacrifice?

Do younger generations get it?

The horrors of war and the selflessness of those willing to give the ultimate sacrifice, their lives?

So that the rest of us could experience the glorious freedoms we often take for granted?

Do we really understand the deadly fights for our freedoms by past generations at time when in this country we even fight over wearing masks to protect others? Proclaiming individual freedoms at all costs? At a time when we can’t count on those elected to serve us in Washington to do their jobs? For good of country?

Does this holiday still hold the power to move us, cause us to reflect, make necessary changes to stay the freedom course at a time when being held accountable for the actions of some that do so many of us harm seem to be missing in action?

I repeat, did most Americans actually pause yesterday to think about why we celebrate Memorial Day each year?

Or were we more focused on grilling burgers, drinking beer and going to the beach?

Did most Americans pause in all of that fun to reflect on the real meaning of the day?

My stark, sad answer to myself was, I don’t know.

Do we still care?

Do you?