When it comes to fashion, accessories can make or break a look.

At least that’s true for me.

I can be dressed down in sweats and jeans, or twirling in the girliest pink frock, and jewelry can still make or break the look.

I find that especially true for rings, one of my favorite accessories of all time.

I like them with large stones and nickel-free metals.

I especially love it when they are handcrafted by artisans freely expressing their creative vibes.

Mad fashion props to all of you.

During the pandemic, when dressing up was more dream than reality, it was by wearing my favorite jewelry that I still celebrated my Sassy Fashionista voice (and saved my sanity), often by wearing several rings at once.

It’s a look I’m still embracing today, more than two-years later.

A bit of an homage to Stevie Nicks.

Gypsy like, with carefree vibes and freedom of individual expression.

But there are often bigger stories behind our fashion choices that get overlooked in our spirited arguments about whether or not fashion really matters in the whole scheme of life and death and searching for world peace and cancer cures and voting.

I now beg to differ with those that say it doesn’t.

We have no idea what lies behind an individual’s fashion choices.

For me, one green statement ring that causes people to comment whenever I wear it in public, has its own powerful story and extra-special meaning.

The green jade ring accented with small diamonds worn on my middle finger (an F you to cancer) in this photo was a gift after my twin sister died this year.

It is a beautiful ring that I admired on our last birthday lunch together pre Covid at The Ivy in L.A.

Janice lived there. I was attending a Women’s Conference and invited her to attend with me.

Over an $11 slice of coconut birthday cake with a large, flaming candle (very LA), we had a great time, excited and motivated by the terrific women speakers and female change agents we were about to see.

We got closer that trip, something challenging when long distance and life’s shit separates you and your best intentions.

When you still think you have all the time in the world to catch up.

Then Covid hit and my visits to L.A. ceased.

My sister’s persistent stomach pains that should have been more quickly evaluated were delayed because of Covid shutdowns and the backlogs in patient care, the result of Covid cases and pandemic deniers that stormed the medical world.

Janice was finally diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, just months before she died.

It was too late.

It is as brutal a cancer as they say.

The end was fast and furious and left those that loved her stunned and searching for answers.

A trip planned to visit her one last time and create a few more memories came too late.

We had just a few weeks to converse before she died.

The ring I had admired on her hand then became mine.

I have worn it every day since receiving it.

Not all fashion is about want and frivolity and feeling good while wearing it.

It’s not about showing off or showing up to be photographed.

Some fashion is about healing your heart and soul.

Like this beautiful and simple piece that now helps me keep my twin sister close as I travel yet another devastating grief journey.

This bejeweled fashion choice is about so much more than just bling.

So much more.

Do you have a fashion piece that holds extra-special meaning in your life?