Thanks to my good pal, Jeanie Croope at the Marmalade Gypsy (one of the few blogs I do visit often for creative inspiration and a break from special needs) for recognizing my blog with this Marie Antoinette Award.  
Jeanie wrote: “Hey, Ms. W., “Winter Ramblings” has received an award on the Marmelade Gypsy for its inspiration! Cheers, my friend and thanks for the wonderful words and images you share.”
It’s my pleasure. Now the tough part is being asked to now recognize other blogs worthy of this award.  Since I don’t have time to visit many, I instead offer a mix of blogs/websites that I value in my own work and believe may help your in yours. As usual, I’m not following the rules as stated!

Alan (website & blog): my editor at Jossey Bass. Insider info from one of the best in the business!! (an American writer living in Paris). A newly discovered delight!
-John Schneider: (also check out John’s daily columns at Terrific columnist, especially when he writes about his mom! (links to good writing blogs). More great good insider tips! Anyone who reads my blog knows I LOVE SO!
The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation: & Like SO, a special needs giant!
The White House Project: helping me become more politically savvy with each workshop, especially valuable in my work and in these trying times!
There are many more, and so little time. Thanks for the shout out, JC!
I love what I do.