If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you’re aware that I’ve been missing in blog action for the past month, and my October analytics prove it, too!  

Reality is, I’ve had too many demands on my time recently involving speaking gigs/prep time and the resulting travel, including to Fort Bragg to present for their wonderful Exceptional Family Member Program.  I’m about to hit the road again for keynotes/book signings/media in Santa Barbara and LA (more about those later).

So, while I have a moment to breathe, here’s my effort to get back on a blog track just a bit with this great link that includes Top Ten Reasons to hire individuals with Developmental Disabilities, from the We Include page of the website of the First Lady of California, Maria Shriver. Thanks, Maria and Arnold, for your support of this terrific population, and for the great info/page.  

This link/info is worth passing on.
Photo: Some of the great kigs from the terrific siblings panel I moderated as part of my presentation on meeting the needs of sibs at Fort Bragg.  These brothers/sisters rocked it and taught us all something of value. Photo used with permission.