So many people now making comments on social networking sites and in the media appear to feel sorry for and badly about Giffords announced resignation from Congress, while others have been calling loudly for just that.

But not me.

Because my family life also was completely turn upside down by the unexpected disability of my second child two decades ago, I see this development a bit differently than most. Like Giffords, my tough reality rocketed me into a challenging universe filled with amazing career and personal opportunities and special needs activism that I’d never envisioned for myself. I, too, left a job I loved, a glamour job in public television, unsure of anything except the need to help my son have a better life, a 24/7 commitment.

The need was immediate. Our futures uncertain. My future career path a huge question mark. That reality still stings. But I know I made the right decision, one that significantly impacted the quality of my son’s life, and my own. It was never easy, but it was ultimately so rewarding. The toughest job I’ve ever held, with the greatest teacher I’ve ever known.

Since that day I walked out on my dream job (a no-choice choice), I’ve since had more impact on others than I ever would have if my life course not been so dramatically altered. I believe that’s exactly what Giffords will do without the frustrating and sometimes selfish and painstakingly slow confines of the political process to impede her. I, for one, can’t wait to watch it all unfold. Disability changes everything, and there is still healing to be done. She deserves time to prepare for this new chapter of her amazing life.

Gabby Giffords survived for a reason. I know.

Remarkable woman. Life worth living. Watch out world.

Watch the beautifully stated announcement here.