If you are one of those cool people who has been reading my blog regularly bless you! No doubt, you’re already hip to the reality that my entries are rarely brief– but they usually stay on point, (well that might be a stretch at times). Fact is, I have rarely been called a writer (or speaker) of few words, unless an unyielding editor commands it.

But today, I was overcome by the need to make a quick, short entry to say just one thing, and I dropped everything else that demanded my attention to focus on getting these words out to accomplish that mission! (You should see the mess of papers on my office floor that I gotta go pick up now and refile! Geez!). I was suddenly possessed, with the need to shout from the mountaintop (okay from the second floor of my house) some words that I’m pretty sure Oprah would define as coming from my psyche as part of a grand lighbulb moment, IF I was sitting on the couch with her.. (Oprah, please call me!)

I love being a writer!

I love meeting all those people that my avocation has allowed me to meet. I love the fact that so many willing and eager subjects (and yes, even the naive) share the deepest part of their souls with me without even knowing who the heck I am or without asking for my driver’s license or firstborn. After all these years, I am still amazed that total strangers trust me to retell their stories well, with sensitivity and fairness and accuracy, and assume that I will honor all those annoying off-the-record comments that some interviewees simply can’t seem to live without. I love that in this tabloid day and age, people are still that trusting.

I LOVE the fact that I can spell without using spellcheck! Something that is freeing, especially since spellcheck is too often wrong. Kudos to my high school college English teacher for training me well, even though I did not appreciate her wisdom or red pen at the time. Thanks Judy Faber!

I love the fact being a writer grants me permission to take the time needed to really listen to someone’s words in order to uncover the life jewels that they have been guarding tightly for years, those emotional tales housed deep within their gut and locked away in their memories. These are stories that rarely see daylight because we live in an incredible fast-paced world that finds itself too busy to really listen to them. I love the fact that I get the honor of bringing such stories to light.

In my work, I serve as a bridge that connects the public to some remarkably human life stories, and as a result, sometimes lives are forever changed. Wow!

I’ve been so immersed in the publication and speaking and special needs advocacy process these past few years, that I haven’t had much time to just sit back and really reflect on why I love what I do, and how the heck I got to this point in my career. But today I must do it!

I love to hear people’s stories, and I love words! And I am especially fond of those stories others seem to think aren’t worth their time and energy. I love tales of the downtrodden, championing the underdog, and all that human interest stuff. You can have sports and politics and celebrities. There’s room for us both, cause I ain’t interested in your turf. Doubt I ever will be.

The power of the written word continues to amaze me. When used well, language, whether written or spoken (I love both) has the remarkable ability to change lives, foster vital discussion even on the most sensitive issues, bring warring factions together, serve as a lifelife, provide hope and inspiration and thanksgiving, help turn people’s toughest days around, and allow us to recite powerful, hope giving prayer during times of personal devastation. Words can help end wars.

They can do that and so much more.. As a writer, I can’t even put all the gifts into words!

So for today, I’m not writing about special needs or helping your child be the best he or she can be (don’t worry, I’ll return to it in my next blog). Today, I just needed to ramble on and pay tribute to the incredible profession that helps me do this work well by repeating the simple proclamation that first began this ramble, which I admit has now gone on a bit longer than I first envisioned.

I love what I do. I love being a writer. I love telling your stories.

It’s one cool gig….

I hope you love what you spend most of your life doing, too. If not, it’s never too late.

I should know! I’ve now got the clips and shiney new author’s book to prove it!

Tip of the week! Spend some time doing what you really love, not cause you have to, but because you simply must. You’ll be better for it.