When Kourtney Kardashian’s adorable 11-month-old son, Mason, was recently hospitalized with an allergic reaction to eating peanuts, the world took notice. That’s the power of reality television, and good news for creating greater awareness of and discussion about one of the most prevalent and fastest growing childhood food allergies.

Thankfully, Mason’s mom reacted quickly and called for medical support and her charming firstborn is okay. But the valuable awareness created comes at an especially important time of year when lots of feasting and family gatherings may well include food items with peanuts and other food products that can create serious allergic reactions and even death in children.

While there are lots of online resources about peanut allergies, I’m not familiar enough with any one to recommend them here. But I am comfortable with Terri Mauro at About.com and the special needs resources she provides on her blog, including about peanut allergies.

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Photo of Detroit’s Eastern Market by Judy Winter 2010

Judy Winter