Sometimes, I just can’t hold my tongue. This is one of those times. I’ll be brief.

Maybe it’s because I’m in the midst of trying to think up new ways to provide scholarships for all the great campers at RicStar’s Camp as we prepare for year 10, or maybe it’s because it seems people bolt out of marriages these days at the least sign of discomfort and my hubby and I have joined forces through 35 years of tremendous challenges, including special needs parenting and the death of a child, but news of Kim Kardashian’s divorce after 72 days and 10 million dollars and an inability to agree about where to live makes me a bit ill. That money could have done so much good for so many people in need. Thank God there wasn’t a child involved in this one.

Here’s a novel idea. Get married for the right reasons.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

Photo of me and my hubby. Still together after all these years.