As someone who advocates on behalf of children, nothing infuriates me and breaks my heart more than knowing that far too many of our nation’s children are physically, emotionally and sexually abused each year, including those with special needs.
That’s why I encourage you to visit the Oprah link below and join the effort to help pass Senate Bill 1738, The PROTECT our Children Act to help fight child exploitation.
Oprah makes it easy for you to get involved with details on her site.  But you need to act before September 26th. 
Here’s the link and information you need to advocate for our kids.
Children count on the adults in their lives to protect them from harm.  We can and must do better by the most innocent among us.
Vote YES now and add your voice to the passage of this important bill.
Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs: Raising the Bar of Expectations