I made a sweet garden score at Home Goods last night.

Which is never hard to do.

I went on a mission, and I met it perfectly.

Recently, I’ve been watching YouTube videos of renovations of old Italian houses.

Some are projects that the often savvy and stylish homeowners take you along on, step by step.

They usually suck me in with their cool, European-fashion wear, too.

No surprise there.

Others provide tours of their work-in-progress, including some gorgeous design.

I was watching one of the latter this week when I became obsessed with the homeowner’s outdoor garden space.

While the house itself is still very much a renovation in progress, the talented designer had carved out a little piece of garden heaven to enjoy, offering himself a refuge from the continuing chaos of a demanding, expensive and dusty redo.

His little garden corner complete with a table and two chairs, included some beautiful large Italian pottery that got me lusting for some of my own.

It caught my design eye.

I knew I had the spot for them.

I also knew that finding something slightly similar in the Midwest would present a big design challenge.

But Home Goods often surprises me, including with its more recent offerings of impressive garden decor and large, clay pots.

They did not disappoint.

I found several late-summer pots in various shapes, designs and colors.

I could easily have purchased them all.

But with hubby along on this trip to help carry any heavy finds, I was a bit constrained.

Get my drift, ladies?

I remember thinking that I needed to go back soon.


But I did fall in love with one pot with a natural look and shade.

I also fell in love with the price.

One of the great things about July gardening projects, whether plants or other goods, is that you often find reduced prices because businesses want to move summer out to make room for fall (and lots of Halloween!) merchandise on the shelves and floors.

That was clearly the case last night.

I scored the large House & Garden pot you see here with its Italian flair for just $59.99.

I repeat, $59.99.

It was originally $120, which I felt was reasonable for the size of the pot.

Because I was on a specific mission, with limited places to find such items close to home, I probably would have paid the higher price.

But I was a happy gardener to get 50 percent off.

Hubby was thrilled, too.

Not that Home Goods is ever really his thing.

Which is why I usually leave him home.

But I digress.

Back to the happy pot.

I‘m still deciding exactly what I will plant in it and its exact location in the garden.

With summer now pushing toward fall, I need to think about what makes the most sense with the days left on the calendar.

And it may become an indoor decoration for the holidays.

To be determined as the cold winds start to blow down the road later on.

For now, a lush fern, faux topiary, or a large, floral plant may be what resides in the new garden pot.

I‘m letting my creative process simmer a bit more before making a final decision.

I’ll update you when it’s all finally in place.

In the meantime, I am savoring my lovely garden find.

I‘m a bit giddy about it all.

But that’s what happens when I score at Home Goods and get cool design for a great deal.

I will definitely return there soon for fall home and yard decor finds.

Without hubby.

Can you say Pumpkin Spice and Halloween and holiday towels?

Oh, my!

Sorry, hard-core summer people.

My bad.

Must be all that heat and high humidity.

What are some much-loved garden additions you have made this summer that you got for a steal?

Reminder: My retail rants and suggestions are still all my own.