I’m introducing a new monthly comment on my blog. I’ll try to do my best to update it more frequently if the muse proves willing, awake, active and I’m not out-of-town doing a book signing or media interview!

Consider these musings my simple attempt to add a bit of humor to help balance out all the dicey, not-so-funny world news circulating around out there.

(Note: as a journalist, it’s important that I remain ever observant of what’s happening around me, or so I’ve been told. It’s supposed to make me a better writer. I like to think that it does. Plus, I’m really nosy- both a curse and a blessing).

I’m calling this new rambling: DO YOU EVER WONDER WHY?… simple words easily understood by the masses, followed by examples of exceptional life moments that either deserve an answer or defy any possible sane explanation. You decide which take works for you each time, then comment freely, including around the water cooler, or while you’re getting dinner on the table. You can even e-mail me your own ramblings to include here! But please, keep them clean.

Some people think it’s okay to invade your privacy (and their own!) by having cell-phone conversations in public bathroom stalls?!?!?!

Does anyone really want to hear what’s going on in there, and are people offended when I chime in ’cause I think they’re talking to me?

Just asking…

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