One of the really good things about the Internet is how quickly you can connect with others who are doing important work with their lives.

Award-winning photojournalist/filmmaker and dad, Dan Habib, is one of those people.

After hearing Dan’s interview on NPR recently about his efforts for inclusion for his son, Samuel, who has cerebral palsy, I contacted Dan. We e-mailed back and forth about our mutual efforts to more positively impact the world of kids with special needs. Dan’s son is similarly challenged to my son who passed away in 2003.

Dan’s passion, commitment, and his deep love for his child resonated with me. We are made of similar parenting cloth. I like what Dan is doing a lot. So I’ve listed his two websites in my FAV resources for 2007/08. But he’s worthy of another shout out here.

Check out this terrific dad and find out more about his powerful documentary, ‘Including Samuel’ at: or

Dads like Dan are true VIPS!

I love sharing great resources with you!
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