Maybe it’s because I’m fast approaching the 6th anniversary of my son’s death on February 16th, or perhaps it’s because we have friends who’ve just lost a teenager to cancer and another who’s teen is battling it, but I was particularly moved by the beautiful images/music put together by the American Child Photographer Charity Guild now on YouTube.

Any parent who has begun their child’s life in the NICU or spent time in unnerving medical settings can appreciate this touching video. I hope it creates greater sensitivity and awareness of the value and potential of these children in the minds and hearts of many others who tune in. 
Photos at left from the end (2003) and the beginning (1990) of my special needs journey with my own special angel, Eric. It seems like it only yesterday that I held him close, especially at this emotional time of year. It is the first time I have been ready to share the NICU images with the world.
Thanks to my terrific music-therapist-friend Laura at UM for sharing the video with me. Timing is everything.
Life truly is fragile. Love well.