You may have noticed that I’ve started more than one of my ramblings with the words,
‘I’m a big fan of… !’

So, I’m making it an official monthly entry!

Here’s my January 2008 gush.


This super-talented comedian shot to fame by winning Season 4 of NBC’s hit show, ‘Last Comic Standing.’

Josh Blue also happens to have CP, a reality he doesn’t shy away from in his act. But it isn’t all he delivers either. He helps fight stereotypes by addressing the white elephant in the room, not by tripping over or ignoring the beast.

When Josh first appeared on the show, I admit I found myself hoping he wouldn’t be relegated to the sympathy vote by playing on any audience discomfort with disability.

But the confident young comedian quickly became a crowd favorite (and mine), for all the right reasons, providing a valuable, and hilarious example of ability before an international audience.

Josh Blue won ‘Last Comic Standing’ because he deserved to win, a reality the audience got, including me.

CP aside, the guy’s just plain funny.

Check Josh out- and tell him that I sent you!
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