Here’s my April 2008 gush…


The multi-talented artist is perhaps best known for her bestselling book The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, but I find inspiration in her many books. A few of my favorites include: Transitions (which speaks especially well to my life right now), The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size (I love this fresh take on shaping up by healing emotions through words), and Some People Say that God is No Laughing Matter

Did I mention Cameron has a cool sense of humor?

No matter where I am on my life path as a writer or as a woman, Julia Cameron always manages to inspire and motivate me and get me back on the writer’s path, while granting me sacred permission to be wherever I am on this challenging life journey (including having writer’s bloc). I think she’s a writer’s best friend, but you don’t need to be a creative soul to benefit from her wisdom and words, or the self validation (and hugs!) her pages provide. As long as she’s putting thoughts into words, I’ll be buying.

I’m a proud (and grateful) Cameron groupie.

Let me know how this remarkably talented woman has impacted your life.
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