With the exception of Dancing with the Stars, I admit I’ve grown a tad weary of whole reality series phenomenon that threatens to fry my brain and steal my hope for the world’s future. But then I stumbled acrossed Little People. Big World. on The Learning Channel, and now I’m back on the reality board.

I love this show! I love this family! I love their parenting style and commitment to family. I love their imperfections! And I love the Learning Channel for putting it in our living rooms!

Kudos TLC! The show is informative, entertaining and family friendly (no V Chip needed here!). This show is all about parents working hard to be parents, not their kid’s best friends. These parents are real and human, committed to teaching their kids the important stuff like manners, civility and a hard-work ethic, in light of having some extra personal challenges.

Briefly, here’s the gist of the program. Two parents, Matt & Amy Roloff, are both short statured, (for more on dwarfism and the current acceptable terminology, check out www.lpa.online.org). They are raising 4 children, one of whom, 16-year-old twin Zach, is also short statured. The program follows the daily lives of the family as they work their farm (Roloff Farms) and try to raise all the kids to be the best they can be, while also facing the physical and societal challenges presented them by dwarfism.

Disabilty advocacy never seemed so effortless or more powerful or more fun. The Roloff family will leave you cheering!

These parents spend real quality time with their family for all the right reasons, while educating the rest of us about ability. And that gutsy mom, Amy, is one wise soul with an infectious enthusiasm for life that jumps right out of the television screen right into your living room. My mom hat is off to you, Ms. Roloff! You are one charming woman…

If you haven’t yet discovered this family and programming gem, do yourself a favor –tune out the television wasteland choices and tune in to TLC Friday nights at 8 p.m EST. But be warned. The show is addicting. But it’s a healthy addiction, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll feel better about daily life and redefining disability after spending some time with the Roloff family.

Little People. Big World. is a giant of a family show with great heart. I like knowing what’s going on in the lives of this incredible family.

Now I gotta watch the last episode I taped…

Check it out!