Amid all the so-called news about Britney and Anna Nicole and yet another American Idol controversy, it hardly seems possible that this week also represents the first anniversary of the death of someone worthy of our attention.

Dana Reeve was a remarkable human being, and one great example of how to live life well under the toughest of circumstances. At a time when our society is in dire need of positive role models, Dana Reeve is deserving of our pause, our reflection and yes, our news coverage. As I continue my work on special needs, Dana Reeve remains one of my greatest life examples and I will not forget her.

It seems like only yesterday that the shocking news of her lung cancer diagnosis, and ultimately her death, was reported in the media. Because I had interviewed Dana Reeve for my book Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs just weeks before her diagnosis, the news hit me hard. The loss of both Christopher and Dana Reeve was a blow to those of us who care deeply about improving the lives of individuals with special needs.

Few in history have done as much as this terrific twosome did to create much-needed awareness of the value of those with special needs. They recognized the critical need for good research, resources and support to address the daily struggles faced by millions of people with disabilities worldwide. They made crucial political inroads with policy makers in Washington.

Their passionate, ground-breaking work and advocacy should never be forgotten. It must continue. Theirs is a solid foundation upon which other valuable special needs advocay work is being built today.

In the words of Christopher Reeve, we must go forward.

That’s why I encourage you to recognize this important anniversary by supporting the work of their foundation, work that is today spearheaded, in part, by the Reeve’s children. To learn more about about how you can help honor the lives of these two special needs giants and continue their legacy, please visit what is now called the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation at, and consider giving a gift. It’s one simple way to make sure that your voice is heard, too.

That is exactly what I am going to do…cause I am so over the whole idea of Britney and Anna Nicole and naughty girls gone American Idol as newsworthy

Please join me in paying tribute to something that really matters.

Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs: Raising the Bar of Expectations