My heart goes out to the family of actress Natasha Richardson who died yesterday after apparently experiencing a traumatic brain injury from a fall during a private lesson at the famed Canadian ski resort Mount Tremblant. 

What a terrible tragedy and loss for her family, friends and the acting world. 
The story is also a harsh reminder to all of us about the importance of wearing helmets while engaging in risky sports and activities, With spring only a day away, it’s great to see so many families finally getting outdoors and riding their bikes, scooters and skateboards. But I’ve also been alarmed at the number of people I’ve seen going helmet free, including bareheaded parents riding bikes with their protected children.  
That’s neither the best, nor safest, example for our kids.

Yesterday’s tragic story reminds us how quickly our lives can change as we take part in activities that can result in permanent disability or death. Please, take a moment to protect yourself and your family and cover your head.  It sure beats the alternative.
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‘Soaring’ Judy Winter 2008