Facebook reminded me today about a post I made about a year ago. I called the image/post Hippie Vibe because of the far-out flared jeans (now back in fashion) and the cool writer’s hat. I’m reminded again of how personal style is often influenced by a blast from the past and can help us recall the good times. Fashion can be powerful in that way. Like a pair of jeans with stretch in them, certain outfits birth memories that make us feel good.

In this case, the creative juices of the 70s were clearly flowing when I featured this image on social networking. When I look at the shot, it takes me right back to the earlier days of my youth, when I wanted nothing more than to be a writer and creative being in all kinds of mediums. At that collegiate time, which was also a time of unrest in our country, I dreamed of a more certain future when I would be wearing cool jeans and writing cool stuff.

I’ve fulfilled a lot of those hippie goals, and yes, I am a writer. I’m even an author now and when I stop and think about that, I think it’s groovy. The clothes we choose help bring back the passion and excitement of a more youthful time when everything in life was still possible. At least they do for me. The 70s were a time of embracing the coolest music and coolest clothes. I’m glad it was part of my youth.

Chances are good that you will find me sporting a similar blast from the past in the near future, fueled by another yet another captivating fashion memory. If I do it again, you can be sure I’ll share it with you here.

Watch for it. 🙂

Peace out.

What outfits from your past do you still embrace? And why?