Mother’s Day is a bittersweet day for me, so my message on the subject this year is brief. While I celebrate the honor and remarkable blessings of having filled this sacred role for more than twenty one years, the loss of my son is still quite fresh, and leaves me still searching for some peace on this emotional, Hallmark-card kind of holiday.

I will say this loudly– thank God for my beautiful daughter who let me practice parenting on her before I was challenged by the special needs of my son. She was, and remains a terrific and patient teacher. Like her brother, her gifts are many, too. I am blessed to have her in my life.

Now, to all those moms who work so hard each and every day trying to keep all the spit balls in the air while also serving as domestic goddess, teacher, pediatrician, counselor, lover, friend, cook, fashion stylist, chauffer, cheerleader and spiritual leader– while wiping all those weird snotty little green noses, I salute you. You are simply amazing!

Do you realize that if each and every one of us would stand up for a child and let our voices be heard loudly and with no apologies for our volume, we could indeed change the world? That’s how important and valuable the work mothers do each and every day of their lives is.

You have earned the day’s kudos and so much more…our future truly is in gentle, loving, nurturing, strong hands. Wow! What a responsibilty.

So be sure to take a break today whenever you can. ‘Cause tomorrow it’s back to molding the world’s future, one child at a time– that’s one big job for no paycheck, health insurance or retirement plan. So you’re gonna need at least a twenty-minute nap today to face it for another 364 days–and some lovely, fragrant flowers from a real florist would be nice, too! And yes, you can buy them for yourself if others come up short. Today, you have earned the right to honor yourself first for once. But like all good things in life, this day will go by all too quickly, so capture the magic while you can.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!