I am about to hit the road and will be spending Mother’s Day in NYC. But I couldn’t leave without giving an early shout out to all those terrific moms who lovingly take on this challenging and rewarding role each day. The work you do is so incredibly important and valuable; the world would fall apart without you. Too often, this amazing role goes unappreciated and unrecognized and it is at times even harshly judged. I personally think that many mothers of kids with special needs should be nominated for sainthood!

Sunday is your day, moms! Enjoy it, and don’t you dare spend it cleaning the house or making PB&J sandwiches!!!

Here’s my short, sweet, early Mother’s Day Greeting to you all.

Moms are true VIPs! No one has greater impact on a child than you do. Thank you for all you do each day to nuture future generations and world leaders. Like the tulip above, you make the world more beautiful, one child at a time.


Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs: Raising the Bar of Expectations