This is a quick entry and a bit late, but I must say a quick Happy Father’s Day to all you terrific dads out there! Too often the efforts of dads can be overshadowed by all those great moms in our kids lives- but your role is just as important to your kids. So big thanks for all you do- and if you aren’t involved in your children’s lives like you should be, take a new look at your role and step up your game. Your children will thank you for it- and they do deserve your best effort.

Remember that parenting is your responsibility, too.

This week, spend some one-on-one time with your children and give ’em all you got, especially actions that feed their self esteem and create confident, healthy children (think bear hugs, kind words, laughter) or go see that great new movie CARS together. They will remember these great moments forever……and so will you.