Maria Lin’s 3-year-old son, Jacob, has a rare disorder of the 18th Chromosome, which has resulted in numerous medical and developmental challenges for her son and for Maria. She’s penned a piece that will strike a cord with many other parents struggling with their own special needs issues, an honest soul searching that describes well the early challenges of coming to terms with special needs parenting.

Lin’s thoughtful piece about what life is like for her in her challenging new role is familiar to me. Over the past two decades, I’ve written about my own such struggles and joys many times; they were the basis for my book. As I digested Lin’s emotional words, I felt an immediate kinship and unique understanding of where she’s coming from, and where’s she headed. I felt her exhaustion, her humanness, her pride in and unconditional love for this child she didn’t expect. I recognized her dicey journey, one that at times challenges the limits of human endurance, while it tugs hard at heartstrings and redefines perfection.

Sharing such words not only helps other parents relate and deal with their own uncertain special needs journeys, but it helps create important awareness about these families and their struggles and joys with the general population.

That, is a good thing.

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Thanks for sharing, Maria. You are not alone.

Courtesy photo.