As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, I’m pausing to reflect on this Sunday-Spirit blog about this quiet little holiday that many so easily and frantically rush past, in part, because of deep, unhealed personal wounds.

Often amplified this time of year.

Yet, Thanksgiving is one of the most beautiful days of the year, especially in its simplicity and lack of holiday bling. A familiar day of ritual focused on family and football and stuffing our tummies until they hurt, or maybe to try to help fill the emptiness felt by those that still hunger for something more.

As this celebratory week begins, I hope you’ll embrace the heartfelt, sacred blessings of lessons learned from love and anger. From hope and despair. From great loss and unexpected rebirth. From division and hated. I wish you peace, and a reboot from what you wish was in your life right now, to what is. I hope that for one day most are able to put aside their differences and focus on any gifts given, not injuries perceived, no matter how harsh those memories and experiences may be.

I hope you make room for respectful and meaningful conversations with others, even when you disagree strongly, and take time to really listen to another person’s take. We still hold the power to come together with heart, to believe and heal and give thanks in most circumstances, and when we do, most of us are better for it.

I hope you take time to express unspoken gratitude.

Sitting here at your social networking holiday table, I want to tell you how thankful I am for every single one of you, however we have come into each other’s lives. If only we’ve connected for a rare, passing moment in time. Every person, every action, every like and heart and heartfelt word that you have taken time to share with me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and at my website,, has touched me deeply, and refueled me for the challenging life journey that remains.

As I enter the week, I’m beyond thankful. What hasn’t fed my heart and soul, has taught me valuable, sometimes painful lessons, including about forgiveness. Never easy. I feel gratitude for it all and how it has challenged my growth.

Happy week of Thanksgiving to each one of you. May you pass a sacred seasonal blessing onto another human being, and in so doing, serve as a much-needed holiday light, wherever and however you celebrate the day.

That’s your choice.

This week, may you focus on what is right with the world. There is still a lot of good to be seen and celebrated.

I see you. I care, and I wish you well.

Thanksgiving Amen.

What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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