We are now in one of the biggest garden transition times of the year.

Summer to fall.

Fall to winter.

That said, I will be updating my Friday Garden Moments blog every two weeks now instead of weekly.

Until spring returns, of course.

As we get deeper into fall and closer to the holidays, I will be featuring some of my favorite flowers and bouquets from my garden this past summer.

The 2022 season started late and then it all went way too fast.

This is one way we can experience all the floral magic one more time.

Starting with my favorite plant of this season.

Beautiful hydrangeas.

They saved my weekly floral bouquet efforts more than once this year.

I love them all and will most likely add some brand-new varieties next spring.

They have earned my loyalty and gardening respect big time.

Enjoy every single precious petal of this limited floral series or look back on posts you might have missed in past weeks.

Then, watch for some lovely, reflective posts around the holidays.

How are you getting your gardens ready to hibernate?