As I continue my seasonal gardening transition, I find myself moving from noticing what’s left of the summer flowers to pushing them aside to add the beauty of fragrant holiday greens.

More than ready for brand new Garden Moments.

On an unseasonably warm November afternoon, hubby and I headed to a favorite Christmas-Tree farm we had discovered by accident last year.

We could buy closer to home, and we often do. But this two-hour trek was part of our commitment to getting out and about more and more after the restrictions of Covid.

Lifting our weary souls and sagging spirits from currently limited explorations.

After our two-hour trek to the farm, we again discovered friendly country folk and affordable merch amid gently rolling vistas, which added to the magic of the outing.

When we arrived back home at 6 p.m., with three meaty wreaths with bright-red bows, a nearly perfect six-foot Douglas Fir, and 40 feet of fresh garland for the porch, the sunlight had already set. The warmth we had experienced from an unseasonably warm 50-degree day had quickly turned to bitter cold.

So like Santa’s Elves, we quickly went about our holiday teamwork illuminated solely by bright, decorative porch lighting. Two hours later, we had created easy holiday magic.

Our actions definitely got me in the mood to pursue more holiday decorating and shopping full out, and I’m happy to see my front yard again looking so lovely. Frolicking in nature’s cold even for a short while is good for your health in more ways than one.

Only 30 more days now until Christmas…

But who’s counting.


Do you like to decorate with greens outside in your garden, too?