What if the greatest challenge facing those who stutter or have other speech limitations isn’t a result of his/her physical reality, but instead comes from the limitations of the listener?

Some great thoughts about the challenges of stuttering and good listening come from my friend, Sharon Emery, a stutterer who knows the subject well.

Sharon recently delivered her bold message entitled The Disabled Listener at an inspirational TEDx event in Lansing, Michigan, and received a standing ovation for her efforts. She also parented a child with an intellectual disability for 26 years. Sharon and her terrific family are profiled in my book.

Sharon Emery is accomplished, smart and funny, and she always has my ear when she speaks.

Watch the video of the Disabled Listener

Read Sharon’s take on the TEDx event here.

Most of us could benefit from talking less and listening more, a lesson I learned well at the feet of my own son.

Photo Judy Winter 2011