This week’s addition to my continuing Monday Sassy Fashionista Fall Preview is blazers.

I don’t wear them often, usually because I find them too warm or too bulky under my treasured coats.

But when I do put them on, I always feel stylish and sassy.

I’ve added two fall/winter pieces to my 2022 wardrobe.

One honors my current focus on being more budget conscious in my fashion choices.

The other one was a bit of splurge.

Fashion ouch.

But I’ve justified it because I think it’s a classic and will stand the test of time.

Plus, I got a great deal on the H and M piece to balance that $$ out.

In the past, I’ve found H & M to be hit or miss.

But when they get it right, it’s a fashion find.

That’s the case with the oversized, charcoal, slightly fuzzy, lined blazer.

I’m not a big fan of the oversized look because I think you need to be really careful about how you wear it, or it can be less than flattering.

Stylish understatement.

But I’m making an exception for this one.

I love the color, the fabric, the fact it is lined and has pockets, and the price of less than $70.

I paired it here with some new balloon-legged jeans because I was tight for time and i just wanted a quick shot with what I was already wearing.

But I’m more likely to pair both of these blazers with skinnier bottoms to help balance out the bulk.

I also think I will use them more as jackets as we transition from fall to cold weather.

The taupe Mari blazer is a Free People find and I’m thrilled to have it in my closet.

It also comes in a plaid, if that’s your fashion vibe.

It reminds me of a writer’s jacket, part of its appeal for me.

It is classic, warm, soft, lined, and has pockets.

It’s also quite a bit pricier than the H & M find.

But I’m okay with that given the style and quality and the belief I will wear it forever.

Because I am scaling down my closet big time, that’s one of my new mandates before I press BUY.

There you go.

Two choices.

Two price points.

For me, both choices are worth the fashion add.

I’m gonna be stylish and warm.

And still sassy.

Are you a fan of having blazers in your wardrobe?




As always, the fashion rant and photos are my own.

For now.