Not sure I’m yet ready to express my thoughts regarding what just happened at the SCOTUS this week.

But I am checking my own faith beliefs as the fallout continues.

I am again wondering why we so often twist faith principles and the Bible to serve our own beliefs and then try to force our choices on others.

I am wondering what has happened to the Supreme Court.

I‘m wondering why so many try to force their beliefs on other and misinterpret the Bible to justify power grabs.

I am wondering why we fight this battle while allowing so many children already born to go hungry, be abused, or wait in foster care for loving homes. Why do we ask children to practice for deadly school shootings, while those in power do little or nothing to stop these injustices or provide needed services to better address them?

I‘m questioning why we value guns over children’s lives.


I‘m wondering why so many men seem to truly dislike women or feel free to use children as political pawns.

But I already know some of those answers.

Power, Greed. Ego. Politics. And so much more.

I‘m going to give this a little more time for all this to settle before I weigh in more completely.

I will say this.

Sad day in America.

We are on a downward path that seems to show no signs of abating.

Where are the rational voices that believe in democracy and equality for all and the will of the people, including the voices of men that profess to care?

Why do we have so much trouble having respectful conversations and listening and learning from one another?

What is happening to this country?

What often gets missed in this argument is the reality that not everyone is a Christian.

Not everyone is religious.

Not everyone reads or embraces the Bible.

Not everyone wants to follow the religious doctrine of others.

Not everyone believes in Jesus or God.

Do we get that?

So where does that leave us?

A women’s right to make her own reproductive health choices is her own business.

Her right to privacy is just that.

It’s not yours or mine to judge.

It’s not for SCOTUS to dictate or monitor closely.

If you think this is over for both sides, you would be wrong.

So much chaos is going to result from this misguided decision.

It’s already begun.

Make no mistake. The battles have started.

I pray no more harm is done.

But I am no longer as hopeful as I once was.

I pray that we find our way out of this dark time in America.

It’s going to take all of us to fix this broken, angry, misguided country.

Are we up for the daunting task?

Be a light that serves all with love and compassion.

That’s what my God would want me to do.

What does your faith ask of you in these unnerving times?

Are you sure?

Make no mistake.

This ruling is just the beginning of attacks on rights for many, including for people with disabilities.

Unless we finally find our collective courage and soul.

Can we?

Will we?

I pray we can and will.