Is PEOPLE magazine really ready to cough up $30,000 for the first photos of Sarah Palin’s grandbaby, Tripp?

If so, I have just one big juicy question, WHY? 
Bad enough they find the story newsworthy.
Here’s a better editorial idea, People. Why not put Baby Trig on the cover as part of one big, valuable feature about kids with special needs and their hard-working parents from across the country, and then give big bucks to the agencies struggling to help such families meet their tremendous parenting responsibilities (or to those trying to prevent teen pregnancy and child abuse). 
Now that’s a decision, I could support. Being a parent is the toughest, most sacred responsibility anyone can ever undertake Making a baby is clearly the easy part. 
We need to stop glamorizing teen pregnancy in the media. This is the year of big CHANGE, after all. Let’s get real about parenting and teen pregnancy, shall we?
Consider this my first official ramble of 2009.
The photo above is not that of Baby Trig or Tripp. That’s my baby boy Eric, who did appear in Parents magazine years ago as part of a photo essay of kids with special needs.  And no, we weren’t paid for our effort to create greater awareness of this important population.
Not every decision should be about money and ratings, especially when it comes to children.