Do you have those days when you wonder if the universe is working overtime in the tough-news department solely for your benefit?

I’m not talking about what’s being covered by Wolf Blitzer in the CNN Situation Room. I’m talking about the kind of real-life drama that immediately disrupts our daily personal lives and schedules and messes with our heads– and with our hearts, no matter what other wonderful stuff is coming our way.

In the past few weeks, I have taken in the shocking news/funeral of the suicide of a friend’s teenage son, the threat by another, breast cancer within my closest inner circle, a friend’s surgery, the senseless murder of the wonderful gallery owner of the charming venue where I held my book release party last year, and the fourth anniversary of my son’s death. All this, while good things continue to happen in my professional life.

It can be tough to catch your breath or enjoy your successes when this kind of news just keeps on coming at you. Unfortunately, I’ve had more than my share of practice in coping with bad news in life. Perhaps, that makes me more skilled than most when it comes to survival.

This kind of news always serves as a humble reminder of how fragile life really is, and how important it is that we live it well each day. Someone more jaded might call these simple words trite. My life experiences has proved them true.

When life deals us and those closest to us the toughest of news, how do we cope well? How do we boldy emerge from under the covers and take on the dicey adventures of another day?

Me? Well first, I take a really deep breath or two and then let them out, along with some powerful tears, a few choice words and ultimately a prayer. Then, I go write. ‘Cause purging myself through the written word is how I have always coped best with life’s sometimes crummy, unpredictable twists and turns.

Writing it all down completely unedited never fails to help me set my emotional demons free and regain my footing….at least for a little while. That footing then allows me to move forward in more productive ways, maybe even offer a much-needed shoulder, some chicken soup, or supportive words on a beautiful card to a hurting friend. That kind of human action and warm touch offers healing both ways.

Now, how about you?
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