Special Edition of Sassy Fashionista today to honor Election Day 2022.

I voted by mail a few days ago. I’ve already done my personal voting duty. But I’m focused on a bit more sass in my fashion choices today, including a focus on shopping in my closet and purchasing less expensive brands.

Case in point.

I featured this lightweight, animal-print coat from Anthropologie last time. But today, I’ve combined it with sassy, balloon-leg, high-waisted jeans from amazon.com for under $50 bucks (also got them in charcoal), an Athro top that has been on repeat since I got it last summer, tried-and-true leather belt, and a much-loved pair of Frye boot/shoes from a few years back that have more than paid for themselves with price per wear. Got ’em in black, too. They quickly sold out and I haven’t seen them since. Lucky find and purchase.

That’s my pretty easy Election-Day Sassy Fashionista vibe! Pricey coat. Affordable, comfortable, fashion-current jeans, easy black layering top, a pouty lip, and rocker-chick boots.

I’m ready to face a day on the road again and think positive thoughts all day long.

Have you done your civic voting duty, yet?

It’s much more important than any fashion choice, especially today.

Democracy rocks.

If we choose to keep it.