One of the things I love most about Easter, (besides decadent chocolate coconut eggs!), is the focus on spiritual renewal and new life. That gives us permission to experience our own seasonal rebirth, something especially comforting after a long, dreary Winter, or abstaining from red wine for Lent!

We get the chance to start anew, again!

No matter what other bad news is going on in our dangerous world, Spring always brings with it the marvel of new life. There’s those spunky little flowers that push boldly through frozen ground, or swelling buds on tree branches that moments before seemed barren, and birds singing sweet melodies confidently at dawn, replacing all those annoying alarm clocks. Nature’s orchestra is in full production with a glorious show worthy of Broadway- one not to be missed!

Dare I say it’s even magical?

This week, take a needed break from your daily grind, the 24/7 news reports, and those worries about your child’s next unnerving IEPT meeting, and notice the rites of Spring unfolding in your own backyard. Explore its meaning for your own life. Then start fresh.

Because after all the chocolate bunnies, marshmellow peeps, and grandma’s leftover ambrosia salad and salty ham have been consumed, rebirth is the empowering message of Spring.

Try hard not to miss it.

Happy Easter!
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