This is worth sharing. For those of you challenged by depression, or those who care about someone who is, this is for you. Dr. Andrew Weil was on the Dr. Oz Show today speaking for the first time about his own life-long challenges with depression. Weil shared a 4-Week Happiness Plan that included what many people can do with diet, supplements, and nature’s antidepressants to improve their mood (for mild to moderate depression), sometimes dramatically. The information is part of his new book Spontaneous Happiness.

Weil cites that the numbers of people with depression and on medication, including children, are staggering and continue to grow. Yet, as a society, we often aren’t comfortable talking about mental health issues in part, because of shame and misinformation. That’s why I’m sharing this post with you today.

Here’s hoping Dr. Weil’s discussion helps create greater awareness of this important subject that impacts so many people. Kudos to Dr. Weil and Dr. Oz for putting the discussion center stage, where it belongs.

That will help change lives.

Photo Judy Winter 2011