With just hours left, here’s my entry for November 2007!
Better late than never!


…drivers who run red lights, roll thru stop signs, speed excessively, drive drunk, and in general ignore the rules of civility on the road just seem to selfishly assume that their ‘competition’ on the road is going to follow the rules, and save them from becoming an innocent accident victim or worse yet, a fatality?

Many people are clueless about how many serious, life-changing traumatic brain injuries (TMI) and early death, are the result of wreckless, foolish driving habits. We need to have a better understanding of how in an instant, our choices behind the wheels of these powerful weapons of steel can lead to death or life-long disability.

Plus, we should be outraged that 6,000 teens a year die in car accidents!

Why do good drivers have to continually drive more defensively because of the lousy choices of others? When will we do more to address this bumper-car/Indy-500 mentality and help prevent such unnecessary and costly disability?

Just asking…

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