When you make a purchase these days, so often, you’re the one spouting those lovely little words hello, thank you and have a nice day? Aren’t businesses (or parents) today training employees/children in the ABC’s of retail/social basics, or don’t they practice them either?

I’ve tried standing at the counter long after a costly transaction, staring hopefully in anticipation. It doesn’t work! All it does is make the employee give me one of those clueless, unnerving what-do-you-want-now looks that makes me want to throw whatever I just bought at ’em, especially the Mackinac Island Fudge Ice Cream that’s already seeping through the ripped bag and onto my well-worn UGGS, making them look even uglier.

Please excuse me for asking, but what has happened to basic customer service, simple manners and the sacred mantra that the customer is is always right? More often than not, these treasures of civility seem to be missing in retail action.

FYI business owners: More and more I’m making my spending choices based on good customer service. I can, will and do pay more for this luxury. My husband will assure you that this far-too-frequent customer service snafu is costing you some major bucks!

Perhaps you could you at least try to address this before my next shopping trip?


Just asking… and thank you in advance!

Parents please take note— there’s little worse than a spoiled child with special needs, no manners and no discipline, unless of course, it’s a privileged child without special needs, no manners and no discipline…!

Manners matter, and they should be taught to all children-
and modeled by the adults in their lives.
Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs: Raisng the Bar of Expectations