Lately, smaller and more functional bags that don’t shout designer labels seem to be gaining in popularity, as people start to think less consumption and simpler living is the way to go.

And with their popularity, these practical and cute little bags have become a little pricey in their own right.

As I’ve surveyed these crossbody, casual travel bags online lately, I’ve found they often go for at least $100 from such popular sites as Anthro and Free People.

So, while I love the trend of this new functionality, and yes, even its casual style, I was especially thrilled to score a nice one by recognized brand Joan & David at TJ Maxx yesterday for $24.99!

You read that right! $24.99. I checked it twice.

I was so taken with the bag with its outside zipped pocket for phone and misc. goods, plus enough room inside to really hold stuff and in a great tan color that works so well for summer, that I bought both of the ones they had in store.

Plus, it has another zipped pocket and two small plastic travel containers.

My thinking was that my daughter, who is getting ready for big family road trip, could have one, too. If she didn’t like it, I’d just return it.

Fortunately, she loved it.

Me, too.

This is trend I can get behind now and in the future.

Love getting a good deal, with style and quality to boot.

How about you?