Now that the election and Halloween are history, the race to celebrate all those diverse holiday traditions is beginning in earnest.  I know that’s true, because I’ve already witnessed several Christmas commercials airing before the Thanksgiving turkey has even realized it’s time to again run for his life. But that’s another post, for another time.

With Thanksgiving exactly three weeks from yesterday, and Christmas seven, I’m sharing the tips from my recent article Creating Holiday Magic for Kids with Special Needs (see post of Nov. 1st). Beginning today, one of the seven tips will run on Friday, with the final tip posted on December 19th. (Fyi: My adorable nephew at left doesn’t have special needs. Like most of us, he just enjoys a good holiday sugar buzz!).
I hope these suggestions provide supportive food for thought for you and your family and friends, whatever seasonal traditions you honor.  My goal is to make the lives of kids with special needs, and their families, shine just a bit more brightly this season. 
That’s where you come in.
When it comes to holiday magic and special needs, good communication and planning are key.
Creating Holiday Magic for Kids with Special Needs– Week One ( 2008/ All rights reserved)
Address food allergies and noise/touch sensitivities and make allowances for them. The seasonal bounty this time of year can result in overload for many children, especially those with sensory, auditory and food issues. Kids with food allergies may not be able to eat all the traditional goodies most of us eagerly gobble up. Discuss alternative choices and inform family members about any life-threatening food allergies so they don’t offer the offending food to the child.