If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment or two to visit my new Videos Page Videos – Judy Winter on this website.

Because video has become such a powerful way of communicating with the public through social networking these days, I have decided to add a place for them here.

I plan to use this page to add my own videos that highlight my work, travel and advocacy, while also featuring videos that support that work in some important way or make a statement about something I strongly support.

Through my work with RicStar’s Camp, I have learned firsthand the power that music holds to help people heal and make gains under the most challenging of life circumstances, including for individuals with disabilities. Music therapy is one of the hallmarks of the camp I cofounded to honor my son, Eric, who had cerebral palsy and passed away far too soon at age 12 in 2003 from complications of his disability.

That said, the videos you see now and will see in the future on this page will further support my beliefs and are those that have impacted my own live in significant ways. For example, Josh Groban’s music was played at my son’s Celebration of Life, and it remains a healing tool for my own parenting grief and the work it has birthed.

The most recent additions on the page recognize and honor the November losses of two remarkably talented singer/songwriters: Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, and Irene Cara of FAME. I hope you will take a moment to pause and remember these two amazing women thru just one powerful example of their music that I’ve shared here.

While these two musicians have left us far too soon, both McVie and Cara have left behind tremendously impactful work that will live on forever. Lucky us.

They will be missed.

How has the power of music impacted your life recently?