I’m big on balancing out the lives of children with special needs, just as we do for typically developing children. That important balance includes time for play, including with toys. Unfortunately, many family members faced with the daily demands of special needs either don’t take time for such play with their children, or are unsure about what toys would best suit them. 

So here are some key resources to help you figure that out: The National Lekotek Center which helps families find creative, fun and safe ways to play together. Lekotek also helps Toy ‘r Us put together its annual holiday gift guide for kids with special needs. Able Play independently reviews/rates toys for kids with special needs. You can also check out this related YouTube video about the importance of play for kids with special needs and their all-important sibs, as shared by one special family.
The end result is about far more than just having the opportunity to experience typical childhood fun. Although that’s pretty important, too.

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