Just in case you’re feeling a bit at loose ends now that the heated election’s over, here’s a cool site to get you busy again. Remember, even the greatest leaders need help realizing lofty dreams, including those President-elect Obama has for turning this great country around. 

Check it out and add your own stories and vision and hope for needed change. I especially want to encourage those with special needs, and their families, to raise/share their important voices/ideas on this site, as I just did.  
Here’s the link to the current Obama-Biden Agenda on Disabilities: change.gov/agenda/disabilities_agenda
There’s much to be done.
CHANGE.gov Office of the President-Elect
This will be YOUR new administration! It’s up to you to take full ownership.
Photo: ©Eric Thayer 2008/All rights reserved– one of my fav photographers and a friend of my daughter’s, both grads of Brooks Institute of Photography. Photo used with permission. Check out Eric’s photos and those of other talented photogs from the 2008 campaign trail at: thestumpinggrounds. See more of Eric Thayer’s work at: http://pa.photoshelter.com/usr-show/U0000GVDwnxYg744/Eric-Thayer