I’m about to embark on yet another hectic week of travel for in-studio media interviews, first to NYC for New Morning with Timberly Whitfield (Hallmark Channel), and Fox Radio News. Then I’m off to Chicago to chat again with Steve Cochran at WGN-AM. (more about those exciting adventures after the fact!).

I’m also throwing in a couple of extra days in Chicago to enjoy the annual Lighting of Michigan Avenue with my husband, daughter and her boyfriend. Hanging out with these two young people is one of my favorite things to do. Their creative young minds and contagious spirits always energize me!

I’m hoping the weekend’s festivities will help me kick start my holiday season, because I’ve been stuck hard in summer mode thanks to an unusally warm Midwestern fall.

While packing for the upcoming week and trying to decide whether or not to pack my Uggs, I again found myself thinking about how much I love my work and traveling, which caused me to reflect on a question recently asked of me at a book signing.

“If you weren’t a writer, what would you most like to do?”

My answer was quick and to the point. ‘Sing professionally!’

I’ve always been envious of all those amazing humans who can open their mouths and effortlessly express powerful emotions by merging haunting melodies and meaningful lyrics. The enormous talent of Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Josh Groban, Stevie Nicks, Celine Dion, the Eagles, and so many others, blesses our lives in sometimes dramatic ways.

Who doesn’t love music?!

But then I remembered how powerful the written word is and that most writers are pretty cool people, too. So I tossed a quick prayer of thanks high into the heavens for the gift of being able to interweave words and facts to tell an inspiring story well. Then, I expanded on my initial gut response.

‘American Idol fame may never be mine to claim, but I’m okay with that now. Because I’m doing exactly what I was put here to do– and sometimes, if I get all the words just right, I might help enlighten others by creating greater awareness about the value of differences, and dash some terribly outdated stereotypes, and maybe even change a child’s life.’ (She asked)!!

Now I like to tell people that I sing with words, and that kind of performing suits this rambling writer just fine.

Have a great week, and sing out to your heart’s contentment! Because that’s what showers and loud background music are for…

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