As others were headed with purpose into their church homes this morning, I set off for a sacred setting of a different kind.. I found a Cathedral of Posies at my local big-box garden center, where tables of early spring blooms commanded attention On a dreary, rainy spring morning, the plants were waiting for eager gardeners to offer seasonal refuge in home gardens. I claimed four hanging Boston Ferns, an annual rite of porch tradition and my original purpose for going. But as I was headed to my car, the photographer in me could not help but pause to capture the exquisite beauty offered up by nature in bright yellows, vibrant oranges, commanding reds, girly pinks, and virgin whites. This was a Sunday offering I couldn’t resist and one that left my soul a little better off than when I’d first arrived. Nature offers Sunday church all her own.

What Sunday experiences help feed and replenish your weary soul?