Keeping today’s Sassy Fashionista post brief and to the point.

Because I’m a little short on time.

Mix of new and old.

Definitely comfy for all those simple-but-fun Halloween interactions happening today, including with the grandbugs.

Anthro NYC oversized sweatshirt.

Love that city.

Anthro Paris hat.

Love that city, too.

Both items are new this year.

Athleta pants and well-loved Sorel boots.

Fashion blasts from the past.

Favorites, too.

A reminder that mixing new with the old can be cool, stylish, comfortable and budget friendly.

Who doesn’t love that Sassy-Monday mixture?

Hope you have a spooktacular day today!

Don’t eat too much chocolate.

Talking to myself, too...

Do you go all out with your fashion for Halloween?

As always, the fashion photos and rant are my own. For now.