My hubby loves beautiful cars.

It’s one of his few weaknesses.

Dick likes cars like I love fashion.

Especially cars with German heritage.

Think Porsches and Audis and BMWs.

Oh, my!

He’s not as hot on the VWs and Mercedes.

But they were well represented, too.

Part of my role as a supportive spouse is to share in and support some of that interest.

Hubby does the same for me.

One way I do that is by accompanying him to the annual Deutsche Marques German Car Show held at the Gilmore Car Museum near Kalamazoo, Michigan, which regularly houses an amazing assortment of automobiles that showcase the history of the automobile, especially American.

The place offers a fascinating walk thru automotive time and hosts several events yearly open to the public for a fee.

While hubby took time to carefully study each nook and cranny of the day’s offering, I captured the images with my camera, satisfying my creative needs.

With their stunning and innovative designs, many of these vehicles are truly works of art.

As I like to say when I see them: They don’t make ’em like that anymore!

Today’s soiree hosted more than 400 luxury cars and their proud owners.

It was a perfect summer day for an outdoor event.

Sunny with low humidity and just the right amount of summer breeze to keep visitors cool as they enjoyed hot cars and dreamed of what might be.

The great weather conditions made it possible for the event to also showcase a historic automobile with fascinating roots.

That surprise was a gold 1939 Mercedes that was buried by the Germans during WWII to keep it from Nazis hands.

The effort was successful and today, the car appears to be in mint condition.

It was absolutely beautiful, and I took several photos from various angles.

After we’d spent two hours surveying the diverse German goods, hubby and I agreed a beautiful red Audi with low mileage would be our best of show.

Too bad we can’t afford it.

Instead, we took home matching $25 commemorative hats to wear when we drive around in our vintage BMW black convertible.

Merging together our individual love of fashion and cars.

Hubby got a great car fix, and I got some great images.

And we got away without breaking the budget.

All in all, it was a Saturday Wanderlust success.

Are you someone that appreciates fine automobiles? Or do you just want a low-mileage, dependable ride and lower gas prices to get you around town?