Whether you’re a cat lover or not (I am), you gotta admit, this is one pretty feline, one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.  Kimba is one of a trio of kitties rescued by my twin sister in Los Angeles, and obviously well cared for and much loved. 

Would you believe this beauty is a he?

One of my volunteer gigs this year is shooting photos of the animals up for adoption for the local Humane Society, while also spending as much time giving love to the cats and dogs as possible. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years and finally have time to pursue. Who knows how many furry friends I’ll bring home… and yes, my husband is a bit worried.
Please, remember to adopt animals at your local shelter!!! The need is great, especially with so many animals being surrendered because of the tough economy. It’s also a great place to volunteer as a family. Each year, we welcome certified therapy dogs to RicStar’s Camp, where they work their magic helping campers better handle stress and social challenges, including campers with autism.  These dogs are remarkably accepting creatures. 
During this year of change, please show our furry buddies some love, too!  It’s good for their health, and yours.
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Love those Animal Cops, too!